EXtra Ink Reviews

"Phil has done quite a few tattoos for me and they always exceed my expectations! I highly recommend working with Phil or any of the other artists at this shop!"

Greg C.

"Highly recommend! I’ve gotten multiple tattoos from many artists there and they’ve all come out amazing. I couldn’t be happier with the work I’ve gotten and the atmosphere of the shop."

Brooke L.

"Lily has done every tattoo on my arm, taking my simple ideas and turning them into pieces that exceeded any expectation I may have had because of her creativity and passion. I highly recommend working with her for American Traditional ink. Bold will hold!"

Brian H.

"Highly recommend! Every single Artist had such outstanding work. Tamara has done 90% of my tattoos.. she took the time to make sure they were exactly what I wanted and put such personal twists in them to make them that much more meaningful. Every Artist here has original pieces, and such amazing attitudes. They truly know the definition of family. This will be the only Tattoo shop I will ever get tattooed by."

Ryan K.