My name is Tamara Jade and I am the owner and lead tattoo artist at EXtra Ink here in Canon City, CO. I am lucky enough to have been born and raised in Canon City and feel honored to be able to still call it home for myself, my two beautiful boys, and now my own business. I have been interested in art from a very young age and can attribute that to my Nana. She was a very talented graphic artist and was delighted to share her knowledge and passion for art with me. Tattooing was not a career I immediately saw for myself. I started to pursue a fashion design degree and later an athletic training degree when I graduated from high school, but very quickly decided neither of those career options were what I wanted. Tattooing kind of fell into my lap. I was at a local tattoo shop with my boyfriend and did a quick sketch of a design concept he was interested in getting tattooed. I showed it to the artist and he saw my potential and immediately offered me an apprenticeship. I spent three years tattooing in Canon City before I had the amazing opportunity to move to Hawaii for two years with my husband and tattoo there. In the five years of my tattoo career, I have gained so much knowledge and experience that has helped me grow as an artist and as a person. The last two years of my life have been full of many ups and downs, but through all of it I have been blessed with two healthy and beautiful baby boys. It’s because of them I have decided that it is time to build my legacy. Something that I can be proud of, and something they can be proud of, and that is EXtra Ink! 



My name is Phil Heuss, I started tattooing in 2018, and I am now one of the tattoo artists at EXtra Ink in Canon City. Unlike the rest of my coworkers, I am not from Colorado.  I am originally from Chicago, but I have called Colorado home for the last ten years. I specialize in black and grey but I like to work with all styles. I look forward to continuing my tattoo career with this group of artists and am excited to see the success of our shop!



My name is Lily Ritchie and I have been tattooing for almost 3 years. I was born and raised in Canon City and can’t wait to continue my journey in tattooing here. I grew up with a very strong love for art. Since elementary school I dreamed of being an artist. As I grew up, I very quickly decided that tattooing was my dream and began taking the steps to getting an apprenticeship. I started going around to different shops in early high school for advice to get an apprenticeship and a year after I graduated, I landed an apprenticeship in Colorado Springs. After two years of working in Colorado Springs I decided that I wanted to be a little closer to home and relocated to a local shop in Canon City. There I met the wonderful team of artists that has become EXtra Ink.  I am excited to continue fulfilling my childhood dreams, and I cannot wait to see how successful our new little tat family will be.



My name is Tanji Phillips and I am Tamara's tattoo apprentice at EXtra Ink in Canon City.  I was born and raised in the Canon City area, so I am excited to start my tattooing journey in my hometown alongside some of the most talented artists I have had the pleasure of meeting.  Like most tattoo artists,  I have been interested in art from a young age and feel blessed to have the opportunity to make a career out of it!  I have worked as a barista for several years and have a degree in Sociology, but I never saw a future for me in either of those fields. While working at another shop as the shop assistant and piercer, I realized that I love this industry and I wanted to become a tattoo artist.  Along with apprenticing at EXtra Ink I will be the shop assistant and the social media coordinator.